Will you support young families this festive season?

Jessica was told that if she didn’t find housing within 10 days, her son was going to be taken from her.

Will you support Jessica and her young family this festive season?

Jessica, has recently become a mother for the second time. This should be an exciting time in her life, but instead she is heading into the festive season on her own. She is just 24.

Housing has been the most uncertain and insecure part of Jessica’s young adult life. Shortly after she moved to Australia with her mum, a new country and home increased Jessica’s anxiety levels, leading to treatment in hospital, aged just 11.

She has had difficulty with this all throughout her young adult life.

Isolated, rejected, and at times desperate, Jessica’s housing options were extremely limited.

“I had no rental history and only a part time job. Sometimes I had nowhere to stay, or I had to move from one place to another because the living conditions were so bad. That’s when I found myself completely homeless.”

Jessica had no safety net, and no one like you to help her if things didn’t work out. She has faced losing Matthew due to a lack of stable accommodation:

“I gave birth to Matthew at 19. That was one of the hardest times of my life because I also lost my housing during that time. Child Protection was called, thinking that I would get help, but instead I was told Matthew would have to be put into foster care if I couldn’t find a home in 10 days. I was eventually put in touch with Launch Housing, who helped me apply for longer term accommodation.”

This challenging period had put incredible strain on Jessica’s already difficult young life. She needs your help now. With a newborn, a young child, and Christmas right around the corner, together we can ensure things turn out right for Jessica and her kids.

Please donate before December 25, to provide the support every young person we work with so desperately needs.