Winter appeal

In 2015, Elizabeth and her family moved into a house near the border of Victoria and New South Wales. For a short while, this move provided relief for this growing family.

Elizabeth had already been under extra pressure to provide every opportunity in life for her children – two of them were experiencing ongoing challenges with their physical and mental health. Within a few months, Elizabeth realised that the new community they had moved to was a bad place to be: “Noah, eight at the time, was so affected by the bullying that he stopped going to school. I’d drop him off at the gates and he’d just turn around and run back home. He wouldn’t stop and wouldn’t get back in the car. He’d say ‘No mum, I’m not going to school to get bullied.’”

Elizabeth and her boys experienced a long and difficult year of social exclusion, bullying and violence within their community in New South Wales: “It was when the older kids in our neighbourhood started bullying my kids that I knew we had to move. I tried renting further out, but couldn’t. There weren’t any support services up there to help us. There was nothing like Launch Housing. Nothing I could do.

It is our responsibility to make sure that thousands of other families like Elizabeth’s have somewhere to turn when no one else can help.

Every parent worries about their children and every parent wonders what the future will hold for them. Elizabeth confesses she had no time to worry for her own wellbeing during those tough times. “I hadn’t had a haircut, my clothes were tatty. I was so tired, so stressed and I was losing weight.”

We helped Elizabeth set up her home, quickly connected her with the local community and got the children into school.

The incredible support Launch Housing receives from people like you ensures that families like Elizabeth’s have everything they need when they are in crisis.

She never thought she would experience homelessness, until the day she had no choice but to pack up what she could and flee to safety.

Elizabeth had never been to Melbourne before, but she knew that with us, there would be help and support for her and her children. Once Elizabeth found us, her life, and the lives of her boys, changed forever. They had everything waiting for them in Melbourne. Everything they needed to set up a new home and everything they needed to get the kids back to school and catch up with their peers. Even a new pair of shoes for Noah!

We know that there are so many other families in Victoria who need our help. Families like Elizabeth and her boys, who had to escape.

Over 18,000 people rely on your support every year. We know ending homelessness is an ambitious goal, but we believe that with the incredible support of people like you behind us, we can achieve it. Please donate by 30 June and help us #endhomelessness.