You Can Make A Difference
This Winter

Homelessness is imminent for so many vulnerable women, children and families who need your help. 


Sometimes the term vulnerable can be overused, but as we approach what threatens to be a very harsh winter, the housing affordability crisis really does leave so many women vulnerable and at risk.

The recently released 2016 Census data reveals that homelessness is continuing to rise, with a startling increase of 13.7 per cent overall in Australia, including 11.3 per cent in Victoria.

With longer and colder nights, winter is a difficult time of the year for so many people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. And when you’re a single mum struggling to make ends meet, it’s even harder.

This time last year, Christina accessed our services. She’d lost her home, her son was in Child Protection and she was losing all hope.

You Can Make A Difference

“I went from a beautiful place to the pits of hell… Things got really bad, I couldn’t handle it. I was just wandering the streets outside. I was basically just bouncing around from different people’s houses, or sleeping on the bench or on trains.”

Then, after several years of struggle, Christina finally received the guidance and support she needed so desperately. Thanks to donors support, Launch Housing was able to help Christina access transitional housing, and late last year she got her son back in her care.

“It was like a miracle. I’ll never forget…before I knew it, in September last year I got full custody back. It would have been impossible without Miranda [Launch Housing Support Worker].”

Launch Housing was there for Christina when she needed help. But more women, children and families than ever need help this winter.