Gerry's Story

Despite working hard, selling magazines on the streets of Melbourne for six days a week, there was no way he could afford to privately rent.Read More »

Kristy's Story

One day, I showed up to school, bruises covering my face, as my dad had gotten really mad and hit me. I was 14 years old, and I thought that behaviour was normal.Read More »

Tomasi's Story

I can’t remember how old I was the first time I ran away from home, but it must’ve been pretty young. It was definitely a common occurrence by the time I was 13.Read More »

Meet Paul

Paul’s perception of homelessness has changed irrevocably through volunteering with Launch Housing.Read More »

Trent's Story

At 14, after my mum died, the strained relationship I had with my dad, who worked in the air force deteriorated even further.Read More »

Eduard's Story

Eduard,* 19, has been a student at the Education First Youth Foyer at Kangan Institute, Broadmeadows since June 2018.Read More »

Libby's Story

Until recently, Libby was sleeping rough in Melbourne. Being winter in Melbourne, it was cold. “It was the kind of cold that gets into your bones,” she said. “Even wrapped in a doona.”Read More »

Shane's Story

Shane was homeless for almost four years until he found Launch Housing. Being homeless for that length of time is traumatic enough. And he lived through it all half blind. As you can imagine, this would make life very difficult.Read More »

Kelly's Story

The experience of homelessness was completely unexpected for Kelly, a mother of five. Initially from Queensland, Kelly, her husband, and children moved to Melbourne in 2015 into a small granny-flat, until they were unable to continue paying the rent on a single low income.Read More »

Terry's Story

Terry turns 60 this year. He wants to make sure he never spends another birthday feeling anxious, isolated and desperate: separated from his kids and without a home. A successful rugby player, Terry travelled the world with his sport.Read More »

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth has been receiving support through Launch Housing for the past three years. Through this time she has participated in a range of Launch Housing programs. Before coming to Launch Housing Elizabeth rented in Springvale for 7 years.Read More »

Donovan’s Story

Homelessness crept up on Donovan when his low income resulted in getting behind the payment of gas bills during winter last year. Donovan was also struggling with an undiagnosed medical condition that had gone untreated for many years.Read More »

Maricar and Jacob’s Story

Maricar hopes of a better life. She found love in Steve, a small business owner, and they planned to start a family. And while she faced a frightening breast cancer diagnosis during her pregnancy, she recovered, and both she and Jacob were healthy.Read More »

Jacqui’s story of giving back

Since Year 8, helping others through volunteering has been a big part of Jacqui’s life. “I was involved for a couple of years at high school with a community environmental program. We’d occasionally go out and talk to primary schools about climate change, water management and bush fire dangers.”Read More »

Katie’s Story: Mentoring for success

When at university, Katie Amanatidis regularly volunteered her free time mentoring other law students who were struggling. It was something she enjoyed doing. “I really like making people feel better. Sharing your experiences with someone else can give them a lot of strength. And it’s nice to think you can have a positive impact on their day.”Read More »