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Homelessness, Research and Advocacy

Launch Housing is committed to ending homelessness. We believe access to safe, secure and affordable housing is a fundamental right and this guides our work. We undertake evidence based research to understand the causes and consequences of homelessness and use research findings to advocate for a better approach for the 24,800 Victorians who are currently homeless.

Latest Research

We are Victoria’s strongest advocates for affordable housing. We are also leaders of research into homelessness, research that leads to better outcomes for our clients and lasting, positive change for our community.Read More »

Australian Homelessness Monitor

Launch Housing has commissioned the Australian Homelessness Monitor 2018 (the Monitor), for this first-of-its-kind authoritative insight into the current state of homelessness in Australia.Read More »

Royal Commission Mental Health

This submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System highlights the urgent need for housing to improve the mental healthcare of people experiencing homelessness.Read More »

The Policy Agenda

Launch Housing engages in political and public debates about homelessness. We work with partners in the corporate, philanthropic and community sectors. We present policy solutions to decision makers to boost access to safe, secure and affordable housing for people at risk of homelessness.Read More »

About Homelessness

In Victoria, more than 24,800 people on any given night are homeless. Find out the facts and learn more about the causes of homelessness.Read More »

Student & Teacher Resource

These student and teacher information packages were created to raise awareness of homelessness in Australia specifically for young people.Read More »

Research Archive

Our research library contains historical research from HomeGround Services and Hanover, prior to our merger in 2015.Read More »