Tenant Resource

Launch Housing manages a range of housing which includes transitional, social and affordable housing.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing provides short-term, secure subsidised housing to individuals and families in crisis as a result of homelessness or impending homelessness.  Transitional housing tenancies are between 3 to 18 months, during which time all tenants must engage with their support provider to secure long-term housing options.

Community Housing

Community housing refers to long-term affordable rental housing operated by not for profit organisations. All providers of community housing are registered and regulated by the Victorian government. Community and public housing are now combined under the term social housing, and eligibility for social housing is now managed by a new system of registration, the Victorian Housing Register (VHR). Launch Housing is a participant of the Victorian Housing Register.

Social and Affordable Housing

Launch Housing owns and/or manages a range of social and affordable housing. HomeGround Real Estate , Launch Housing’s social enterprise, also provides affordable housing options for people in the community.

Launch Housing is a registered housing provider subject to government regulation by the Housing Registrar.

Tenant Policies

Launch Housing is committed to providing transparency, and clarity regarding policies that apply to and impact our tenants, clients and the community. The following section features resources and policies for our housing support services.

Allocation of Long Term Housing Policy

This policy outlines the approach of Launch Housing to establish the prioritisation and allocation of applicants to vacant properties in its long-term rental housing portfolio.

Read Allocation of Long-Term Housing Policy (PDF)

Eligibility for Long Term Housing Policy 

This policy commits Launch Housing to applying eligibility criteria for Launch Housing’s long term rental properties.

Read Eligibility for Long Term Housing Policy (PDF)

Rent Policy

This policy outlines how Launch Housing sets rent for its properties.

Read Rent Policy (PDF)

Duty of Care Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline the legal duty of Launch Housing employees, volunteers and contractors to take reasonable care so that others are not harmed.

Read Duty of Care Policy (PDF)

Code of Conduct Policy

This policy sets out Launch Housing’s expectations of its staff in relation to conduct and probity and informs clients, funding bodies, other agencies and the wider community of those expectations.

Read Code of Conduct policy (PDF)

Client Access and Equity Policy

The purpose of this policy is to create an inclusive environment that promotes access, equity and non-discrimination in service provision, and strengthens outcomes for the people who access Launch Housing services through a model of service delivery that is integrated and coordinated.

Read Client Access and Equity Policy (PDF)

Rental Arrears Policy

The purpose of this policy is to describe Launch Housing’s approach to managing a tenancy when a tenant falls behind in their regular rent payments.

Read Rental Arrears Policy (PDF)

Tenant Recharge Policy 

This policy establishes the approach of Launch Housing to charge tenants for the cost of repairing damage to a premises or undertaking services that the tenant is responsible for.

Read Tenant Recharge Policy (PDF)

Transitional Housing Management Policy

This policy outlines the management of Launch Housing transitional housing tenancies.

Read Transitional Housing Management Policy (PDF)

Maintenance and Repairs Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Launch Housing maintains all properties under its management or ownership to a community standard.

Read Maintenance and Repairs Policy (PDF)

Inspection Policy

This policy states Launch Housing’s responsibilities to undertake property inspections.

Read Inspection Policy (PDF)

Hardship Policy

The purpose of this policy is to describe Launch Housing’s approach to rent charges when a tenant’s household circumstances change and impact on their ability to pay rent.

Read Hardship Policy (PDF)

End of Tenancy Policy 

The policy outlines the ending of tenancies. This policy applies to all housing owned or managed by Launch Housing.

Read End of Tenancy Policy (PDF)

Tenancy Transfer Policy

This policy outlines Launch Housing’s approach to applications from tenants to transfer from their current housing to an alternative social housing property.

Read Tenancy Transfer Policy (PDF)

Neighbours and Community Policy

This policy outlines how Launch Housing will foster and support positive relationships with neighbours and local communities involved in and/or affected by services provided by Launch Housing.

Read  Neighbours and Community Policy (PDF)

Complaints and Appeals Resource 

If you are a client or tenant and want to make a complaint please see our information sheet, and complaint form. You can also view our complaint and appeals policy in this section.

Read Client Tenant Complaint and Appeals Policy (PDF)

Download Client Tenant Information Sheet (PDF)

Download Client Tenant Complaint and Registration Form (PDF)

Privacy and Information Security

Launch Housing takes client confidentiality, and privacy seriously. We are bound by the privacy and confidentiality provisions in all contracts that we have with government.

Find out more about your rights, privacy and feedback (PDF) and read our privacy policy (PDF).

Alterations and Disability Modifications

This policy establishes the approach of Launch Housing to modifications and alterations to rented properties to enable tenants to remain living independently.

Read Alterations and Disability Modifications (PDF)