What is community housing?

Community housing is subsidised housing for people on low and moderate incomes that is managed by not-for-profit agencies.

The type of stock available may range from studio apartments through to units and standalone houses. The stock is designed to accommodate a range of households from singles to large families.

Some community housing agencies specialise in particular types of housing, including:

    • Aboriginal housing
    • Housing for people with a disability
    • Housing for women and children
    • Co-operative housing

Community housing agencies are subject to government regulation through the Housing Registrar.

Launch Housing has produced an information sheet to help people better understand community housing. View the Information Sheet.

What is the Victorian Housing Register?

The Victorian Housing Register (VHR) is a new system for registration and the allocation of public and community housing (known collectively as social housing).

Instead of putting your name on the public housing waiting list as well as on multiple community housing agency waiting lists, you now only have to use the one system.

This not only makes it easier to apply for housing but it also broadens the range of housing stock that may be available – so you will have more choice of types of accommodation and locations.

There are two categories on the VHR: Priority Housing, which is designed for people who may be homeless or who have an urgent need for housing; and the Register of Interest, which is for people who do not have an urgent need for housing but who have a low income.

View the DHHS Eligibility Policy Framework.

If you are looking for Crisis or Transitional Housing you do not need to apply through the VHR. Instead please contact Opening Doors: 1800 825 955.

Am I eligible for public and community housing?

Eligibility for public and community housing through the VHR is subject to a number of tests. You are eligible if your income and assets fall below the maximum amounts allowable by the Victorian Government.

You can check your eligibility for housing by visiting Victorian State Government Social Housing. These figures are updated twice a year.

Other criteria will also apply. Generally you have to be either a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia – although there are some exceptions depending on your type of temporary residence status. However, all applicants need to be Victorian residents.

View the complete Department of Health and Human Services eligibility criteria.

Read Launch Housing’s eligibility policy. <<LINK>>

How much rent will I pay?

In public housing you will generally pay no more than 25% of your gross income (income before any tax is taken out). In community housing your rent may be set between 25% and 30% of your gross income. Community housing tenants are also eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance and this will be taken into account when calculating your rent. To see some examples of how this works go to.<Geor. Mandy to provide temp.>

Tenants housed by Launch Housing from the VHR will pay no more than 30% of their income in rent.

If you are a moderate income earner you may pay a higher rent but you will still receive a subsidy so that you pay less than 75% of the market rent. Please find Launch Housing’s Rent Policy <>.

How do I apply?

  1. If you require assistance in applying to the VHR, Launch Housing is a designated participating support agency by the Department of Health & Human Services and Launch workers have been specially trained to help you. Please call Opening Doors 1800 825 955 free call (24/7).
  2. You can visit any homeless agencies that has been approved to submit applications to the VHR . <Karren/Liv to provide more details. >
  3. Some community housing agencies may also assist with your application.
  4. You can apply directly through the MyGov website my.gov.au by signing into your account (or create an account if you don’t already have one). Workers at Launch Housing can assist you, if required, and we also have computers available for you to use.
  5. You can also download and print out a copy of the form if you don’t want to fill it out online. Download forms for social housing applications.

    *Completed forms can be sent to:
    Victorian Housing Register
    Department of Health & Human Services
    Reply Paid 933
    Moe, VIC, 3825

  6. If you don’t want to download a form, you can ask for a copy of the form at any of the DHHS offices located across Victoria. The list of offices is here available on DHHS website

Victorian Housing Register

Apply for social housing at Victorian Housing Register.

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Launch Housing Rent Policy

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Victorian State Government Social Housing

Apply for social housing with Victorian State Government.

Apply Now

Appealing a Decision

An appeal is when you are not happy with a decision made by Launch Housing concerning your VHR application and you want to have that decision reviewed.


How much rent will I pay?

Under the rules set by the Department of Health & Human Services, community housing agencies can charge no more than 30% of your gross income in rent. Many agencies will only charge 25% of income.


If I apply how is my privacy protected

Launch Housing takes client confidentiality and privacy extremely seriously. View a copy of our Privacy Policy.

Launch Housing is bound by the privacy and confidentiality provisions in all the contracts that it has with government, including with the Victorian Housing Register. For example, in relation to your Centrelink data for the VHR, extremely heavy penalties apply for the misuse of this information which is why Launch Housing ensures that only those workers who need to have access to that information do so.

In relation to your personal information on the VHR, Launch Housing has signed a Code of Conduct, which outlines how and under what conditions information can be used and disclosed. In addition, as a community housing agency Launch has signed The Participation in the Victorian Housing Register: Registered Agency Agreement, which has a Charter specifically covering information sharing arrangements.