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Anyone can
end up
sleeping rough
on the streets

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No one should have to sleep rough in the world’s most liveable city!

Sadly, one cold night Tamara and her kids were confronted with the frightening possibility of spending the night on the streets.

This survivor of family violence was tired, cold and desperate for shelter.

Tamara says, “It was starting to rain and it was getting cold… the three of us were crying… and I’m like, ‘Where, where are we going to go?’… I felt like a failure as a mother because I couldn’t give my kids what they needed.”

COVID-19 has highlighted a harsh reality! Anyone can become homeless.

Anyone can end up sleeping rough on the streets.

What if you were a mum sleeping rough… with your children?

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Sponsor a room and you can help provide urgent accommodation to someone in Melbourne who has nowhere safe to sleep.

Melbourne’s homelessness crisis is getting worse. This year has been tough. People who were already vulnerable have been pushed further into danger.

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