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In the fight against COVID-19,
everyone needs a home


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Permanent homes are urgently needed for the 1000 Melburnians we are currently supporting in COVID-19 emergency housing. The virus has shown us our own health is intimately connected to the health of the person next to us and that everyone needs shelter.

Ivy didn’t plan to become homeless

“I ended up sleeping under a pier at the beach. I literally dug a hole and laid my sleeping bag in it. Accessing services on a normal day is so hard… There is no way in hell I would have lasted in this situation with coronavirus.” – Ivy

It’s bad enough to be homeless like Ivy…But now that the coronavirus pandemic has hit hard it’s terrifying.

The pandemic has proven one thing: anyone can be left without a roof over their head.

Once you end up on the streets, you immediately become more susceptible to coronavirus.

Right now, we are dealing with a new wave of homeless because of unemployment, rental stress and escalating domestic and family violence.

Ivy’s road to homelessness started in childhood. Due to family violence, trauma, and years of abuse Ivy was driven into homelessness.


Is this the face of a rough sleeper?