Help People Like Hayley Find A Home

What if you had no home with a young child, wondering where you will sleep that night, at a time of year when home and family are all important?

No one should have nowhere to sleep!

Hayley never expected to be in this situation. The family was in lockdown. Both her and her partner suddenly lost their jobs due to COVID, and lost access to childcare. All this stress created a pressure cooker situation and her husband, who had never been physically violent before….. became violent.*

She had to leave, it was not safe. Protecting your child is your number one priority. She didn’t know where to go, had little savings….

Sadly, Hayley was forced to sleep in her car.

Hayley says, “For a lot of people, it’s pride because… you don’t want to admit to people what you’re going through or that you need help… especially if you’re sleeping on the streets.”

COVID and the extended lockdowns has highlighted a harsh reality! Anyone can be forced into homelessness.


What if you were a mum sleeping in your car… with a young child?

More than ever, sleeping on the streets or in your car is dangerous, and traumatic. People are struggling to survive on our Melbourne streets and are faced with the impossible task of practicing good hygiene, and social distancing and trying to find shelter, and food.

We urgently need your help to get Melburnians into safe emergency accommodation quickly, so no one has to be homeless at this challenging time when COVID is still a very real possibility.

You can’t self-isolate if you don’t have a home! Your gift today will help mums like Hayley find a safe and secure home this festive season.


Can you help us?
Please donate today to the Festive Wish Appeal to support at-risk Melburnians.

*If you have found this emotionally distressing and need support please reach out to call Lifeline 13 11 14.  

What your one-off donation could mean


  • $55Toiletries pack for a family (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes)
  • $155One night of emergency accommodation for a mum and her children
  • $250Groceries for a family
  • $500Establish a rental property for a single mum (bond, utilities, kitchen essentials)
  • $1000Education and training support (school, TAFE, or other accredited training courses)