Help The Homeless: People Like Emma Are Counting On You

Thousands of people are on the brink of homelessness.

The health crisis has highlighted a harsh reality, many are living in poverty and barely surviving.

People like Emma, who are on the edge of homelessness, are having to face the frightening possibility of having to sleep rough.A housing crisis, financial difficulties and mental-ill health led to Emma’s dilemma…nowhere to go! No one wanted to accept her rental applications. She applied for more than 300 properties. All 300 applications were rejected.

“I just, it was panic. Where am I going to go? I’m not going to have anywhere to live. What am I going to do?” It got so bad that Emma started planning to sleep rough.“Under the bridge at Croydon station… I was thinking my car… these were just the thoughts that kept on popping into my head.”

Anyone can end up sleeping rough, and more than ever sleeping on the streets is dangerous, and traumatic.

In our beloved city of Melbourne there are so many struggling just trying to survive, desperately trying to secure an affordable home and still put food on the table!

We urgently need your help so no one has to be homeless at this challenging time. Please, donate today.


What your one-off donation could mean

  • $55Toiletries pack for a family (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes)
  • $155One night of emergency accommodation for a mum and her children
  • $250Groceries for a family
  • $500Establish a rental property for a single mum (bond, utilities, kitchen essentials)
  • $1000Education and training support (school, TAFE, or other accredited training courses)