Student & Teacher Resources

Over 83,000 people under the age of 18 presented to a specialist homelessness service in 2017-18 (AIHW 2018).
These student and teacher information packages were created to raise awareness of homelessness in Australia to young people.

Background information and suggested activities have been created to give teachers and students the opportunity and confidence to learn about and interact with different aspects of homelessness.

Empowering youths to take action towards preventing and ending homelessness
The resource is broken into four age demographics and were created to reflect different levels of learning. These are ‘younger primary’, ‘older primary’, ‘high school’ and ‘tertiary’.

The former three packages are targeted towards teachers for their classrooms while the tertiary is created for university students based upon information requests we have received.

Please be aware that some of the prevalent themes are sensitive, including family violence, mental health challenges and substance misuse.

Each resource includes:

  • Background information
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Activities and learning opportunities
  • Links to other helpful resources on homelessness
  • Infographics

Younger Primary Students

The younger primary teacher information resource is tailored for years one to three to introduce the topic of homelessness and reinforce how those experiencing homelessness are the same as everyone else.


Older Primary Students

The older primary teacher information resource is tailored for students years four to six to discover the variety of homelessness experiences and the services available to the people in need. This all works towards breaking down the negative stereotypes surrounding them.


High School Students

The high school teacher information resource is tailored for students to gain a deeper understanding of and empathy for the people behind homelessness.



Student Handouts About Young People Experiencing Homelessness:

Tertiary Students

The tertiary student information resource is tailored to provide a range of information from lived experience stories to research finding. This was created in response to requests for information we receive from university students working on school assignments or student journalism.