Melbourne Zero

Melbourne, zero homelessness is possible. Take action today.

Launch Housing is proudly powering the Melbourne Zero campaign.

Melbourne Zero seeks to build a movement of Melburnians, like you who know we should and can end homelessness in our city. The campaign is all about enabling people, business and organisations to voice their support and take action to help end homelessness in our city.

Proudly Melbourne and focused on solutions, Melbourne Zero shares real, local progress toward ending homelessness, lived experience stories and insights to deepen public understanding and opportunities for you to personally make a difference.

While homelessness is experienced in many ways, the campaign starts with ending street homelessness (also known as rough sleeping) because it’s the most traumatic, dangerous and isolating form of homelessness.

Melbourne Zero invites YOU to be part of the movement.


Don't walk past the issue. Take action today.