Melbourne Zero

Melbourne Zero:
Everyone housed, no homelessness

Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world, but not for everyone.

In the wake of COVID-19 we’ve seen rough sleeping is nearly 5-fold more severe than we thought, as we’ve housed more than 2,000 people in emergency accommodation.
Launch Housing is committed to housing every person sleeping rough in Melbourne: to reach Melbourne Zero. When more people move off the streets into housing than those turning up on the streets as newly homeless. Zero homelessness. Everyone housed.

It is Launch Housing’s mission to end homelessness and we’re going to start where we live. We know how to end homelessness on Melbourne’s streets and have the unique expertise to do this, but we need your help. Melbourne Zero calls on all Melburnians to make Melbourne liveable for everyone.

Any number of people sleeping rough in Melbourne is too many. Homelessness has lasting, traumatic impact on lives and grave costs to society and the economy.
It is easy to become complacent and accept some degree of homelessness as inevitable. But when we have a clear and achievable alternative where all Melburnians have an equal chance at a fulfilling life, we have to fight for it.

Zero rough sleeping in Melbourne is possible. Help us get there.

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How do we get to Melbourne Zero?

  • Create and use By-Name Lists

    Adopting a By-Name List approach means we will know the name of every individual sleeping rough in a particular local government area and ultimately across greater Melbourne. This will create ‘a single point of truth’ about an individual and what their needs are, for use in co-ordinating access to health and rapid housing support.
  • Provide the right services the first time

    Many vulnerable people with high needs have often been let down by services before. By getting people the right services as soon as possible we minimise the risk of them ‘falling through the cracks’.
  • Scale out what works

    We need more flexible crisis and short term accommodation to stabilise a person’s immediate crisis, support a pathway to stable housing and provide trauma informed support to address the damage of their experience of homelessness. This includes scaling out Education First Youth Foyers and permanent supportive housing models such as Elizabeth Street Common Ground.
  • Build more social and affordable housing

    Ultimately, we can only end rough sleeping in Melbourne if we have enough good quality affordable social and affordable housing. Supporting people is vital, but so is a clear pathway into housing to give people a sense of purpose as they start to rebuild their lives.