Elizabeth Street Common Ground

Elizabeth Street Common Ground is a permanent supportive housing initiative tackling long-term homelessness in Melbourne.

It provides 65 studio apartments, and delivers on-going support to improve residents’ health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Support workers offer residents 24-hour support to ensure they get the care and support they needed to live better lives.

With around eight vacancies a year, Elizabeth Street Common Ground gives individuals the opportunity to secure safe, affordable housing. Referrals are through homelessness access points across Victoria.

Eligibility for Elizabeth Street Common Ground is based on a range of factors:

  • Current housing circumstances and history of homelessness, including length of time homeless, types of accommodation accessed, reasons for leaving accommodation;
  • Mental illness, drug and alcohol dependency, disability/cognitive impairments or other chronic health condition which can be a barrier to maintaining housing; and
  • Vulnerability to harm and exploitation from others or a risk of harm to themselves.

Elizabeth Street Common Ground is a partnership with Unison Community Housing, the Victorian Property Fund, the Victorian and Federal Governments and Grocon.

An additional 66 apartments exist at Common Ground for low income workers and students.