It's time to end
homelessness in our city...

Melbourne’s a progressive city, with a great reputation. One of the most liveable cities in the world.  But not for everyone.

The rate of homelessness in Melbourne has been steadily increasing. Spurred on by trauma, unaffordable rents and not enough social housing.

We risk this problem getting bigger, but with your help, we can turn this problem around.

People don’t choose homelessness, it finds them – often as the result of unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. Relationship breakdown, death of a partner, loss of income, debt, post-traumatic stress, illness, injury or acts of violence can be experienced by anyone.

But a passive acceptance that homelessness is an acceptable conclusion of those misfortunes is wrong.

Solutions to homelessness do exist.

And when we end homelessness, our city will become so much better for everyone.

We’ve mapped out what is happening right now, what we can do about it, and solution’s we can achieve together.  We call this our Theory of Change.  But what does the Theory of Change really mean? Watch the next slide to find out.

2020-2024 Strategy

Over the next four years we will pursue 4 key strategic aims.

Aim #1: Energise the Community

First, we must energise staff, clients, and the COMMUNITY into believing Homelessness is not OK, that it is not inevitable and that it can be fixed.  When the community understands that people don’t choose homelessness, when they understand how easily homelessness can occur, they’ll start to think, and act, differently.

Aim #2: Bring global leadership

Second, we will look globally to learn locally.  This will enable us to tap into world’s best practice to help reverse the rate of homelessness.  We’ll publish a Capital Cities Index to track progress on ending rough sleeping and to publicly compare our rate of homelessness to that of other leading cities around the world

Aim #3: Leave no one behind

Third, we will create and deliver housing solutions others won’t to ensure no one is left behind.  Using a Functional Zero approach we will run Street Counts and develop local By-Name Lists to identify who needs support.  There will always be people entering homelessness.  But we want those occasions to be rare and to not reoccur. This can only happen with more and better permanent supportive housing.

Aim #4: Scale up interventions that work to prevent homelessness

Our ‘Education First Youth Foyers’ and ‘Common Ground’ programs have been very successful, so it makes sense to invest more into both and make them accessible to a lot more people. Check out our short video that introduces our strategy.

Homelessness is not inevitable and we can end it.

Help thousands of Melburnians leave homelessness behind for good.

Join us and help change lives.