Real Life Stories

No journey of homelessness is the same and behind every face there’s a story. Hear the stories of fearless Melburnians who have choose to share their personal experiences, challenge stigma and forge new futures.  Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.


Ivy’s Story

“I ended up sleeping under a pier at the beach. I literally dug a hole and laid my sleeping bag in it. Accessing services on a normal day is so hard… There is no way in hell I would have lasted in this situation with coronavirus.”


Libby’s Story

Until recently, Libby was sleeping rough in Melbourne. Being winter in Melbourne, it was cold. “It was the kind of cold that gets into your bones,” she said. “Even wrapped in a doona.”

Eduard’s Story

Eduard didn’t know his father well before moving into his home. The expectation to get a part-time job and high standards around chores became sources of tension between Eduard and his father, particularly living with a stepmother and stepsisters he had just met.

Gerry’s Story

Despite working hard, selling magazines on the streets of Melbourne for six days a week, there was no way he could afford to privately rent. All Gerry wanted after a long day exposed to the elements was somewhere to put his feet up and listen to some music or watch a film.

Tomasi’s Story

Tomasi is a former member of Launch Housing’s Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG). He first experienced homelessness as a young teenager, and in this revealing story he candidly shares his journey of homelessness, as well as his current situation and future aspirations.

Trent’s Story

Like most 18-year-old students, Trent has great aspirations to create a global empire and own a private island. He has faced and continues to face many hurdles in his marathon to achieving his dreams.

Kelly’s Story

The experience of homelessness was completely unexpected for Kelly, a mother of five. Initially from Queensland, Kelly, her husband, and children moved to Melbourne in 2015 into a small granny-flat, until they were unable to continue paying the rent on a single low income.

Shane’s story

Shane experienced homelessness for almost four years until he found Launch Housing. Being transient for that length of time is traumatic enough. And he lived through it all half blind. As you can imagine, this would make life very difficult.

Volunteering gave a third aspect to my life – Meet Paul

Paul’s perception of homelessness has changed irrevocably through volunteering with Launch Housing. No experience of homelessness is the same, and over time he’s learnt of the complexity and uniqueness of each story by listening to staff and people experiencing homelessness.