Rough sleepers in Melbourne

Launch Housing’s Rough Sleepers Initiative (RSI) provides assertive outreach to help care for rough sleepers in Melbourne CBD, and the Cities of Port Phillip, Stonnington, Frankston and Dandenong. The initiative forms part of our efforts to in end homelessness in Melbourne, starting with ending rough sleeping by 2030.

The Rough Sleepers Initiative offers assessments, case management, pathways into emergency and crisis accommodation and housing. Our assertive outreach workers also refer individuals into other community services if needed.

The Rough Sleepers Initiative is the main referral pathway into the Melbourne Street to Home program.

Rough Sleepers Initiative (03) 8598 1170

Daily Support Team

Since 2016, the Daily Support Team has cared for and assisted people sleeping rough in the metropolitan area.

The Daily Support Team (DST), in partnership with City of Melbourne, connects rough sleepers to crisis accommodation, housing and healthcare services with a focus on a rapid response to new and long-term rough sleepers in Melbourne CBD.

Assertive Outreach City of Yarra

Launch Housing’s Assertive Outreach Program assists rough sleepers in the City of Yarra with emergency shelter, housing supports and homelessness services. This program offers case management, material aid, crisis accommodation and housing.

It also provides referrals to healthcare services, mental health, counselling, drug and alcohol support, and aged care.

Homelessness and Healthcare

Rough sleeping is traumatic, isolating, and dangerous and our outreach services are critical for rough sleepers as they frequently have difficulty accessing homelessness and healthcare services.

To make it easier for rough sleepers to access healthcare, Bolton Clarke nurses work alongside our RSI team.