Education First Youth Foyer

Education First Youth (EFY) Foyers works to break the cycle of homelessness by supporting young people, aged 16 to 24, to build a secure and sustainable livelihood.

By providing young people supported student housing, dedicated coaching, and a suite of opportunities and resources, EFY Foyers help youth to build the skills they need to lead fulfilling, independent and productive lives.

Launch Housing currently operates two Education First Youth Foyers – Holmesglen EFY Foyer, based at Holmesglen Institute’s Glen Waverley campus, and Kangan EFY Foyer, based at the Kangan Institute, Broadmeadows.


The 6 Service Offers of the EFY Foyer model – Education, Employment, Health and Wellbeing, Social Connections, Civic Participation, and Housing and Living Skills – are the very heart of what we do.

By partnering with those outside the homelessness sector, EFY Foyers works to create opportunities for young people around each of the service offers.

These offers represent the areas of life which, when balanced, can help ensure a young person thrives as an independent but connected adult.

All EFY Foyer students also complete the Certificate I in Developing Independence (DI).

A key part of the EFY Foyer model, the DI is an individualised learning plan for each EFY Foyer student, helping to establish a solid platform from which they can begin to explore and build skills and knowledge during their two years at the EFY Foyer.

To be eligible for an Education First Youth Foyer, you must be:

  • aged 16 to 24 years
  • unable to live at home
  • willing to get into and stay in education and training
  • prepared to fully engage in the EFY Foyer program

Students will pay 25% of their income + $10/week for utilities for rent.

We accept applications for supported student housing from young people directly.

To apply, please call the EFY Foyer nearest to you.

If you want to apply to live in EFY Foyer in Glen Waverley, please complete the readiness form and send it to Education First Youth Foyer at Holmesglen Institute via [email protected].

Education First Youth Foyer at Kangan Institute

30 Cavendish Street, Broadmeadows, Victoria 3047

E: [email protected]

P: (03) 9309 3946

Download EFY Foyer Readiness Form (Kangan)

Education First Youth Foyer at Holmesglen Institute

629 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150

E: [email protected]

P: 03 9564 6488

Download EFY Foyer Readiness Form (Holmesglen)