Melbourne Street to Home

Melbourne Street to Home provides housing support, advice, long-term case management and ongoing tenancy support to Melbourne’s most vulnerable rough sleepers.

This initiative has an integrated health response, with support from qualified Bolton Clarke nurses to assess clients’ health needs and refer clients to specialist services if required.

Melbourne Street to Home works with rough sleepers who have extremely complex physical and mental health needs.

Without a home, it is difficult for rough sleepers to access health care. This can have serious implications and increase the risk of premature death for people with a chronic history of homelessness.

Rough sleepers who are part of this program have a history of chronic homelessness and need extra support to acquire housing, and sustain their tenancy.

The Melbourne Street to Home service is led by Launch Housing and delivered in partnership with The Salvation Army and Bolton Clark.

Referrals for this service via Launch Housing’s Rough Sleepers Initiative.

John is homeless in Los Angeles.