Children’s Specialist Services

The Children’s Specialist Support Service (CSSS) is for children affected by family violence and homelessness. It provides assessments, enhanced case management, assertive outreach and group work. It supports children’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and helps improve education developmental outcomes for primary school-aged children.

Operating from Launch Housing South Melbourne, the program assists the southern metropolitan region and is divided into the following service streams.

Education Pathways Program

The Education Pathways Program (EPP) aims to reduce absenteeism for primary school children. The program offers intensive support to help reconnect children with the education system. It actively works to identify, and assist children with, educational learning gaps and consistent school attendance. Support is multi-disciplinary with assistance from social workers, a psychologist and speech pathologist.

The CSSS also develops community partnerships and helps parents navigate the education system. The philanthropically funded Education Pathways Program is the proud winner of the 2018 VicHealth Awards.

Children’s Therapeutic Case Management

The Children’s Therapeutic Case Management program provides personalised therapy for children and reparative family sessions, as well as parenting support and case coordination. It aims to provide a space for children and their families to heal from their experiences using therapeutic interventions. The program also encourages community engagement and meaningful participation in education.

Children’s Group Work

The Children’s Group Work program assists children with peer support, relationship building and therapeutic group work. This initiative supports families and children with the space and resources needed to improve well being and quality of life.

This program is flexibly designed to meet individual group needs, as such group work activities are subject to change.

The Children’s Specialist Support Service takes direct referrals from Launch Housing South Melbourne office.

Launch Housing South Melbourne Office 
P: 8626 5500 | E: [email protected]