Children’s Specialist Services

The Children’s Specialist Support Service (CSSS) is for children (0-12 yrs) affected by family violence or homelessness.

We offer assessments, enhanced case management, therapeutic support, and recreational programs for children and families. We aim to develop children’s social, emotional and physical wellbeing and help to improve educational and developmental outcomes.

For more information call the Launch Housing South Melbourne office (03) 8626 5500 or email [email protected].

The CSSS is divided into the following service streams.

Education Pathways Program

The Education Pathways Program (EPP) supports kinder and primary school-aged children to access education.  Program supports include:

  • Enrolment assistance at a local primary school or kindergarten
  • Help to purchase school uniforms and other school essentials
  • Provision of food boxes containing healthy breakfast and lunchbox foods
  • Access to speech pathology and educational assessments to support children’s development and achievement
  • Free afterschool activities and school holiday programs

The EPP also develops school and community partnerships to upskill professionals to support children experiencing homelessness. This philanthropically funded program is the proud winner of the 2018 VicHealth Awards.

We can accept referrals for the Education Pathways Program for any child experiencing homelessness from any community organisation within Metropolitan Melbourne.

Children’s Therapeutic Case Management

Children’s Specialist Workers provide case management and therapeutic support for children who have experiences of homelessness or family violence.

Program supports include:

  •  Weekly case management sessions for parents/caregivers; including parenting support and skills development in trauma-informed caregiving.
  • Weekly individual therapeutic sessions for children using techniques of art, play and talk therapy.
  • Optional family sessions to bring families together for a prioritised time of fun.

We can accept referrals for this program for any child in the Southern Metropolitan region who is linked to a housing or family violence support worker. Secondary consultation is free for any professional supporting a child or family in crisis.

Children’s Group Work

The Children’s Group Work program provides therapeutic and recreational activities for children experiencing homelessness or family violence to build confidence, self-esteem and social skills. This program supports children to improve general wellbeing and resilience and their capacity to participate in other learning activities.

The Children’s Specialist Support Service accepts referrals from any community organisation within Metropolitan Melbourne; however, priority is given to Launch Housing clients.

Launch Housing South Melbourne 
P: 8626 5500 | E: [email protected]