Our Vision

Launch Housing’s mission is to end homelessness.

Who we are

Launch Housing is a independent Melbourne based community organization passionately committed to ending homelessness.

From providing high quality housing to an innovative range of support, education and employment services, we bring solutions to homelessness under one roof for thousands at risk of, or experiencing the crisis and trauma of homelessness.

With over 400 staff working across 14 locations in metropolitan Melbourne, we combine direct action with advocacy, research and innovation to drive widespread change.

Our Vision

We actually can fix homelessness.

A lack of affordable housing nationwide means Melbourne’s homelessness crisis is getting worse.

But while the paths to homelessness are varied and affect thousands of people every day, it’s not inevitable and can be fixed. At Launch Housing, we are a diverse and hardworking team passionately committed to ending homelessness through direct action.

We provide an end-to-end response with support under one roof, from housing to homeless services, and we don’t give up on anyone. We help people get and keep a home, knowing community, connectedness, support and participation are key.

At the same time, we persistently work to challenge misconceptions, change a broken system and make more homes available. We continuously adapt and trial new, scalable approaches in the pursuit of widespread change.

Read Launch Housing Strategy 2020-24.

Housing is a human right

We believe housing is a basic human right that affords people dignity. Everyone needs and deserves a place to call home. While we know homelessness comes in many forms, we recognise it is an experience not an identity.

Like everyone else, people who experience homelessness have rights, aspirations and potential. The people we work with are the experts in their own lives. We walk alongside them to achieve the best outcomes for the individual.

Our Service Philosophy

Launch Housing has a detailed Service Philosophy which expresses our core beliefs and values which inform our understanding and approach to homelessness and the people who access our services.

Among other things, we recognise that:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were the first to live here. We recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experience higher rates of homelessness than other groups in the community which is connected to the history of dispossession from country and culture.
  • There is a power imbalance between staff and consumers. It’s our job to work hard to minimise that imbalance.
  • The support we provide must always be free of discrimination.
  • Community is important, connectedness and participation is essential to long term prevention of homelessness.

Launch Housing are committed to providing child safe and child friendly environments, where children and young people with whom we have contact are safe and feel safe, and able to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives.