Helping Homeless People Is The Best Gift

2020 was a year like no other for homeless charities. Not just for us, but for all Melburnians as the health crisis brought home both our inter-connectedness and our common need for shelter, hope and a home.

Last year we were able to hit the streets during the pandemic and helping homeless people quickly into safety. We helped over 16,000 people, including children and families, and worked with hotels and motels as Melbourne’s only seven-day-a-week outreach homelessness service. We moved hundreds of people into emergency accommodation. We kept both them and our community safe.

It’s only with the help of the community that we are able to continue this vital work. In 2021, helping homeless people will enable us to assist more Melbournians experiencing a housing crisis.

The generosity of Melbournians who continue to give, not only to us, but to the many other equally worthy homeless charities and causes affected by the devastation of COVID-19 is making a difference.

In 2021, we aim to assist more vulnerable people to get or keep a home. A home is one of the basic fundamentals of a happy life.

Helping homeless people