National Homelessness Week: 1 – 7 August, 2022

National Homelessness Week is when Australia comes together to raise awareness about homelessness. It’s a week where we work together to figure out solutions to homelessness. It’s also a time to put pressure on decision makers to make ending homelessness a priority.

This year, our theme for National Homelessness Week is:

A safe home for every child.


Every child deserves a safe home, but the impact of homelessness on children is often ignored. On any given night in Australia, there over 19,000 children who are homeless.

Childhood homelessness is invisible when compared to street homelessness. Many children experience homelessness as overcrowding, couch surfing, and staying in emergency accommodation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Because, with your help, we can end homelessness.

Join us this National Homelessness Week as we demand:
A safe home for every child!

Watch Amanda's Story

"Everything I do or feel, my child feels it with me. As a parent, you can't avoid that."

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